Well… here we are in October, after months of complete lockdown and now a very cautious return to normality with regular SoloAmigos events once again.

Some coffee mornings, some Sundowner drinks evenings, the occasional socially-distanced walk and breakfast, and so on.
Things aren’t quite the same as before, but at least we’re able to enjoy being together for a chat and a joke or two…albeit with masks and at least two metres between us. The masks and the distance do mean we probably have to speak a bit louder to be able to hear each other… although, for one or two, being loud has never been a problem (mentioning no names, of course!).

As always, Sheran has been keen to encourage more people to join our group and we do have some very welcome new faces among us.
Sheran may have been a little over-enthusiastic with her latest recruit, however, as these photos illustrate.
Our latest member has yet to acquire that healthy tan from being in the Moraira sun, but without any clothes on she will soon catch up, we’re sure.
She certainly proved very popular with some of our male members.

She may have had too much to drink though, as Sheran had to carry her home…

There are some changes to the events calendar, as recently advised in Sheran’s email, so please check the calendar for details.

Stay safe and well, everyone!