So…the summer season has passed, the tourists came and went, and we’ve managed to get through it while coping with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic and the restrictions that were imposed to keep us safe and well.

Although it has affected people in many different ways – such as family visits, the cancellation of travel plans, and so on – these difficult times have at least emphasised the value of having a circle of friends like the SoloAmigos.

When it comes to being sociable and having fun, there’s no ‘masking’ the fact that we SoloAmigos like to get out and spend time with each other, even if it means staying two metres apart.

In recent weeks, several members have felt they would like to meet safely and cautiously for the occasional coffee, drink, lunch or quiz night.
The images here show the enjoyment and smiling faces to be seen on these occasions.

As well as coffee mornings, other events deserve an honourable mention.
Group leader Sheran says that the new swimming club, for example, has been extremely successful:
“A few of us swam in the sea more times than we ever have before!”, she reports.

Likewise, the recent Akira quiz:
Keith is an excellent captain and the team enjoyed an equal mix of sexes for the first time!” said Sheran.
The team came in 6th place overall, which is a great achievement.

The event at Maxims restaurant was also a hit, with “very good food and company”.

Normal life as we used to know it is still on hold for the time being, of course, but it’s good to know that the occasional social event like these can still be enjoyed to help keep our spirits up.

Stay safe and well, everyone, and Sheran will keep you posted on new events and suggestions for safe activities to be enjoyed in future.