It’s been a strange few months…

Following Spanish regulations on the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been living in a world where our movements have quite rightly been restricted.

Maintaining social distancing has been essential, even from our friends and family, and we’ve become used to wearing masks in shops, being extra careful with handwashing after contact with the outside world and how we interact with the rest of our community.

Thank goodness things have eased a little.
We’ve been able to get back to being sociable again, as long as we stay two metres apart from each other.

Of course, some members of SoloAmigos have had to be more cautious than others if they’re particularly at risk because of an existing health condition.  The priority is to stay safe and well.
Since our last update in June, it has been possible to get together for occasional coffee mornings, drinks and perhaps walks together, either with just one or two friends or fellow members, or occasionally as a group when members feel confident about the suggested time and place.


Coffee at La Gaviota, 18th June

These are photos from various group meetings over recent weeks from June to August.

The smiles and laughter are still there…and by staying in touch we can also give each other our mutual friendship and support, as ever.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be back to normal in the not-too-distant future.

Coffee at La Gaviota, 18th June

In the meantime, this new website / blog / diary will aim to offer more features to help each other out, such as sharing recommendations or other important information (‘Pass It On!’), and a ‘for sale / wanted’ page to advertise items you’re either looking for, or wanting to get rid of.

If you have any suggestions for other features, do let Sheran know.

Enjoy what’s left of summer, and keep on staying safe!